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Frog Shaped Lure Kit - BuzzerFish

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Live target Frogs

The lure is shaped for outstanding topwater performance with realistic 3D eyes, it creates a life-like swimming action in the water. This kind of fishing lures can effectively attract bass, trout, musky, pike and other fish, suitable for any fishing situations.

Holly Body and Belly

It's shaped like the hull of a bass boat, which makes it easy for the frog to walk on open water. In order to avoid the frog sinking, the flow-through is designed so the water will drain with each twitch. More interestingly, the bright belly of the frog could easily catch the attention of a fish wherever in stained or muddy water.

Double Upturned Hooks

The hooks are positioned against the body so they can improve chances of keeping the fish. In addition, the tough design and interior weighting system ensures solid hook-ups.

Weed Guard Design

It is made to ensure that the frog is not being hang up when anglers drag it across the surface of various vegetation covers

Variable Colours

This set of frog lures includes different natural colours, like green and brown, which can be used perfectly in any type of water

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