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Silicone Webbed Swimming Gloves - BuzzerFish

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Swim more effectively and efficiently with these silicone webbed swimming gloves. These revolutionary swimming gloves provide enough resistance to your strokes to improve your performance. A great product for more comfortable and better swimming!

Swim like a frog. Swim and catch a wave faster. 

Increase resistance and improve technique. Elastic. 

Swimming webbed provides full flexibility of your hand and increases hold on slippery surfaces.

The hydrodynamic design makes it easy to use.

These swimming hand webbed will meet the need of swimming beginner



Material: Silicone, Made of silicone, Comfortable, soft, elasticity, safe.

Size: S (21*4cm for kids) M(24*5.5cm For Women) L(28*6.5cm For Men)

Color: Blue, Purple, Green.

Package List: 1 pair swimming pool training hands webbed gloves


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