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Shots Dispenser with 6 glasses - BuzzerFish

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Made of high-quality plexiglass, the wine dispenser is with high transparency, beautiful, and resistant to fall.
The top adds a game of rotating gyro. Rotating gyro, arrowhead points to whoever drinks, very interesting and fun.
Fills up multiple shot glasses at one time, saves your time, prevents wastage, or spillages.
It can be used at home, at parties, or on any special ocn for friends and family members to enjoy a happy time together.


Weight: 326g
Capacity: 45ml
Single Cup: 29g
Package Weight: 451.2g 
Size: 10*15*16cm / 3.9*5.9*6.3 in
Package Size: 16.5*17*15cm / 6.5*6.7*5.9 in
Transparent Cup Size: height 6.8cm / 2.7 in diameter 4.5cm / 1.8 in
Material: plexiglass

Packing List:

1* Shots Dispenser Set (with 6 glasses)

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