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Mermaid Ring - BuzzerFish

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Are you done with boring old jewelry? Here is something completely new and fashionable! Enjoy ourĀ Sterling Silver Crystal Mermaid Ring!

Benefits ofĀ having Sterling Silver Crystal Mermaid Ring

This amazingĀ Sterling Silver Crystal Mermaid Ring is made ofĀ high-quality 925 silverĀ that will make itĀ last for long. 925 sterling silver means that it has 92.5% of silver which is consideredĀ pure silver. To achieveĀ betterĀ durabilityĀ it isĀ mixed with copper.

The ring hasĀ mesmerizing blue crystalsĀ that represent the ocean on one andĀ beautiful mermaid tailsĀ on the other end. The same motives can be found in the earrings.The ring isĀ ļ»æadjustableĀ ļ»æand you canĀ ļ»æstretchĀ ļ»æit to fit your finger.

The beautiful jewels can beĀ combined with any outfitĀ andĀ worn for any occasion. They areĀ perfect as a present.Ā 


  • Resizable ring -Ā You can easily adjust the size of the ring to fit any finger
  • Sterling silver -Ā Silver and copper mixture make the jewelry strong and resistant
  • Fantastic designĀ - TheseĀ pieces of jewelry have motives that resemble of mermaids: mesmerizing blue crystal on one end and mermaids tail on the other
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