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Portable Pocket Waterproof Camping Mat - BuzzerFish

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This beach mat is very suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts. You can carry it on camping, adventure, backpacking, hiking, fishing, family trips, sports events, open-air festivals, or keep it at home, parks, beaches, etc. The baby can play with toys on this mat, you can do yoga on it, you can also play and have a picnic with your children without getting your body dirty.

Easy to clean-the plastic backing is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, the liquid stains on the wool are easily absorbed by paper towels, and it is easy to shake off the sand from the beach blanket

Waterproof and tear-resistant backing-perfect for camping when it is a bit cool and the grass is slightly damp from spring/fall and the beach, and it is comfortable to sit or lie down on a picnic

Wide range of uses-very suitable for camping, picnics, going to the beach or park, summer festivals. It can be used as a tent carpet or temporary resting bed.

These beach mat is made of strong, durable, breathable polyester + tpu coating. The soft and skin-friendly fabric ensures that the sand can be easily brushed off the blanket, and the water is within a few minutes. It dries quickly, and it also has reinforced edges for stronger and better use.


  • 1. Small and lightweight, easy to carry after being folded
  • 2. With hand-held webbing, easy to carry
  • 3. Super soft fabric, dirt-resistant
  • 4. Good waterproof performance

Wide Uses:

1. Outdoors: used as picnic mats, beach mats, moisture-proof mats;

2. At home: used as children crawling mats, gaming mats, sleeping mats.


Name: pocket picnic mat

Material: high-grade 210T double-sided waterproof diamond plaid nylon

Specification: 70*110CM;110*145CM;145*180CM

Packaging includes:

Please see the images for reference


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