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Waterproof Anti-Slip Adhesive Foot Pad - BuzzerFish

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This product is a great solution for people whose feet burn on the beach. With its non-slip and waterproof feature, you will be more comfortable walking by the pool. If you want to go barefoot in activities such as camping and at the same time not sting your feet, you are in the right place!

【PROTECT YOUR FEET BETTER】 Do you want to enjoy the fun on the beach with your family and friends, now you get the answer. These beach foot pads are waterproof, anti-cut, anti-slip, and comfortable with thermal insulation, let you try to take off your traditional barefoot insoles, feet free from hurt and feel unrestrained, free your feet to discover the pleasure of getting in touch with the earth

Street----Anti-cutting and resistant to all paving.
Beach-----Walk on hot sand without thinking, save your feet from hot superficies.
Pool------Waterproof and appropriate for the swimming pool Nakefit saves the feet of your children from verrucas and dangerous slips.
SPA-------Forgot your flip-flops.
PARK------Be free to walk everywhere.
Please Attention: These feet stickers can be cut to a suitable size If it's too long
S 32-35 1.5-3.5  21cm
M 36-39 4-6  23cm
L 40-43 6.5-8.5  24.5cm
XL 44-47 9-11 26cm
Material: Ultra Fiber
Package Included:
A pair feet stickers


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